Sprint Filter, the world's oldest manufacturer of high-performance air filters since 1952 and a leading global motorsport supplier, and KG have formed a technical partnership to develop high-performance products for the World of Karting. KG is the world's leading company in the development and production of karting accessories.

KG took the opportunity of the new CIK-FIA homologation session, the FIA Commission that regulates karting disciplines worldwide, to develop and approve a new airbox, called POWER. Power was homologated following certified testing with noise reduction and filtering (ISO 5011) as per CIK-FIA regulations. At the same time, KG found in Sprint Filter the ideal partner to significantly improve the air filter quality of its airbox.

Sprint Filter developed for KG an air filter specially designed for the POWER airbox, using the P037 air filter. P037 is the Sprint Filter air filter made from a special multi-patented polyester with a permeability of 4,500 litres/m² sec and has brilliantly passed the stringent ISO 5011: 201 test, a worldwide filtration standard. Sprint Filter P037 is also the only air filter in the world to boast waterproof technology. In fact, Sprint Filter holds the patent that allows it to be the only manufacturer in the world that can produce air filters that repel water through a special treatment on the filter media. Unlike all high-performance air filters, the Sprint Filter P037 air filter is truly eternal, needs no oil to retain impurities and can be regenerated in seconds using only compressed air.

Tests and dynamic tests have shown that the Sprint Filter P037 air filter has helped to improve performance from maximum rpm, precisely in the area of delivery where the 'need' for air in the engine increases.

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