The P037 filter media has been developed for use in harsh weather conditions and muddy environments, and is guaranteed for life*. It is designed for street use and for dusty roads, but is not recommended for fine sand. The Sprint Filter P037 air filter is a dry filter made with a special polyester fabric with 50-micron diameter threads that ensure a solid and durable structure over time. It is also the first Sprint Filter air filter with water repellent technology (covered by an international patent), allowing rain and accidental water splashes on the road to be repelled. The filtration provided by this air filter is 37 microns, and the airflow is 4500 l/m2/sec. The Sprint Filter P037 air filter is virtually maintenance-free and requires only a compressed air gun for cleaning, never needing to be oiled. It does not require any adjustments to the electronic control unit.

* If cared for properly, the Sprint Filter P08 will last for the entire time you own your vehicle






Developed in dusty regions and manufactured with a single layer of polyester tissue is the dedicated performance air filter for demanding conditions. Very good airflow and incredible engine protection