P08 F1-85

The P08 F1-85 filtering media represents the state-of-the-art of global filtration technology. Originally developed to meet the demands of official teams competing in the top categories of motorsports, thanks to Sprint Filter technology, it can now be used on both standard street vehicles and racing cars. Sprint Filter P08 F1-85 is guaranteed for life*. This air filter is a dry filter made of a special polyester fabric with 22-micron diameter threads that provide a solid and durable structure over time. It is also a water-repellent air filter (covered by international patent) that allows the rain and accidental puddles of water on the road surface to be repelled. The filtration provided by this air filter is 85 microns with an airflow of 15000 l/m2/sec. The Sprint Filter P08F1-85 air filter requires virtually no maintenance and can be cleaned using only compressed air, never needing to be oiled. The use of this air filter does not require any adjustment to the electronic control unit.

* If cared for properly, the Sprint Filter P08 will last for the entire time you own your vehicle





Developed and used by the leading Factory Teams, P08F1-85 is the lastest technological advancement from Sprint Filter with the highest existing permeability of any air filter on the market, guaranteeing a filtering power that makes it even more exclusive. Born for racing, but with the special Sprint Filter technology it can also be used on the most sophisticated lastest generation supersports bikes and cars.